The winners of the personally signed shirts and footballs are…


In just a few days, the whistle will blow to start the first round of the Swiss Football Cup for another “David and Goliath” battle.

As official partner of the cup, gives away shirts and balls bearing the original signatures of the players and trainers from both finalist teams after each final match.

Before the traditional tournament begins its 90th season, we would like to announce the winners from the last competition.

The personally signed, unique prizes go to…

FC Basel match shirts:

FCB Martin K.
Christine M.
Tess B.
Claudia P.
Marc P.

FC Zurich match shirts:

FCZ2 Eliana A.
Peter K.
Armin L.
Antonio C.
Patrick R.

FC Basel footballs:

Ball1-0035 Mirjam L.
Alison B.

FC Zurich footballs:

Ball2-0037 Larissa Th.
Manja R.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all the participants for taking part. We’ll run a similar competition again soon, and we’re constantly giving away lots of tickets for each round of the tournament. Simply subscribe to our blog or like our Facebook page.


Update to the iPhone app – adapt your search to suit you


The latest update to the iOS app allows you to adapt your search to suit you, wherever you are. In addition to these new personalisation options and additional new design features, Version 6.2 also includes a number of other practical adjustments.

Life is full of adventure and wonderful moments. The mobile app is your perfect companion and is ready and waiting at all times. What will the weather be like on Friday? What’s the address for the postcard again? Or where can I find the best Italian restaurant? – nothing is too much trouble for the app.


Our team is committed to making your life easier on a daily basis so that you ultimately have more time to enjoy yourself. In addition to the popular search suggestions, you will now also be given suggestions relating to previous searches. This means that if you’re always searching for the same terms, the iOS app can now make the search process more efficient by suggesting these terms for you.

Our tip: search as normal and the iOS app will make a note of frequently used terms. To delete a suggested entry, simply swipe once to the left.




Pic2Selecting your locations is now also even easier and more attractive. Thanks to the new design, you can now switch quickly between your favourite places. You can add as many places as you like using the (+) icon at the bottom of the screen, and remove them with a simple swipe to the left.

If you have deactivated the tracking service or it is not available, you are no longer missing out. From now on, you determine the radius in which you wish to search.






The search process for the perfect restaurant, be it for a special occasion or lunch with your best friend, has also been improved. The iOS app now offers you customer reviews for food, atmosphere and service for all bookable restaurants (providing these restaurants allow customer reviews).














Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks for all the valuable feedback we have received from our visually impaired users (in particular the Foundation. Based on your feedback, we have made our app even more user friendly: the Magic Tap gesture now allows you to double-tap with two fingers if the VoiceOver function is activated.













Further minor improvements have been made and faults rectified. We are currently working on an update for Android.

Have fun trying it out for yourself!


New season, new chances to win Cup tickets!


As partner of the Swiss Football Cup, is giving away 200 tickets for the first round.

It all kicks off on 23 August. FC Zurich will begin the task of defending their title against second division Schönbühl. The champions, FC Basel, have been drawn against CS Italy from Geneva, GC is up against Vedeggio Calcio as they were 2 years ago and YB will play against Bavois from the first league.

Simply fill in the form by 19 August and with a little luck you could win a pair of tickets for the game of your choice.

Good luck!

Mandatory item
Bitte füllen Sie das Feld "Anrede" aus.
Please enter your first name.
Please enter your surname.
Please enter your street and house number.
Please enter your postcode / city.
Please enter your e-mail address.
Please select a game.
Submit the result of this calculation: 5 + 5
Please solve the math problem.

The deadline for participation is 19th august 2014. will draw the winners and inform them in person. No correspondence will be kept about the competition. There is no right of appeal. The winnings cannot be paid out in cash. Your data will not be used for advertising purposes or disclosed to third parties.


From the job offer to the first day as an apprentice


The day before the winter holidays, I got the call from Although I’d expected them to get back to me a week later, they had made the decision already: I was accepted as an apprentice! I was extremely happy as I’d wanted this apprenticeship very much. Several months lay between this call and the start of the apprenticeship, but time went by quickly and it felt like only a week.

enterAnd then the day arrived: my first day at You could see the excitement in me, just a knife’s edge apart from nervousness that day! But I was welcomed quickly and wholeheartedly by the staff at By the second day, I already felt like I had been here much longer. My first department: internal services. Suddenly, it was work until 5 pm, instead of school until 3 pm, and then I usually do some sports from 7 pm to 9:30 pm – which can get very exhausting. But I seemed to adapt to this change with surprisingly few problems; at most, I might occasionally feel tired in the evening when I’m doing sports. What I like most about my ‘new’ daily life is that I can work independently, like sorting and opening the mail.

Although I had to be trained at the beginning, I was quickly able to stand on my own two feet and the first week went by extremely quickly. After the first full week at work, the vocational school started. Suddenly, I’ve only got two days of school per week. At school, the pace was very fast right from the start. Just an hour to acquaint ourselves; we had to use the breaks to get to know each other better. The school for the ‘Berufsmatura’ was and is exhausting, but I also settled in well there, just like at work.

Welcome Day

After the first few weeks I was invited to the Welcome Day at Along with other new employees, I was introduced to all products, for example, the 360 degree camera or Local Guide. Meanwhile, I was feeling more and more comfortable at the office. I was no longer getting lost in the building and everything was getting a bit easier.

Company outing with the internal services department

I was allowed to participate in a great company outing. We went to Lenzburg with the internal services department (about 30 people), where we pursued the foxtrail track, a kind of scavenger hunt, and enjoyed fine dining in the evening at a nearby restaurant. The trip was great. I especially enjoyed the scavenger hunt, which was a welcome change to the daily office routine.

Department change

After all I’ve been through here, the time to leave the internal services department is slowly approaching. The first three months at have been exciting, bringing a sudden change to my life. The work at has been interesting and diverse and I’ve had a lot of fun here. I have learned a lot in my first months at work and I look forward to the next educational year. I’ve settled in very well and I don’t regret the decision to join, not in the slightest. I look forward to reporting further on what the life of an apprentice at entails!


Picture: Robert Couse-Baker bei (CC BY 2.0)


Search more easily and get better results with the new app


Attention please: we have released our biggest mobile update yet. The whole design has been revamped and now include large photos and photo galleries of local businesses. In addition, we have greatly simplified and improved the search function.

And here are the most important changes:

New introduction image on landing page

iOS Simulator Bildschirmfoto 30.05.2014 14.40.56Change location DE


The app now shows a localised display with an image. One click on the image opens the location. The weather is also displayed at the top right. This may not look much different but it’s easier to access: a click is all it takes. Further improvements include an easier search field and more generous spacing in the category search and results list to simplify typing.

Search suggestions

A drill in autosuggest DESearch suggestions are popular searches, categories and terms. The new app suggests search terms to save the user from typing everything out. It’s also possible to change search locations quickly by clicking, for example, on the suggested term ‘Bern’ to narrow your search to Bern. Clicking on the plus sign (+) inserts the term into the search field and rapidly refines the search. You can also search within results.

The assistant

Phone number prompt DEWhen a user copies a phone number or an address on the smartphone, the app will ask on start up if it should be used as a search term.

Photo gallery on restaurants’ detailed entries

iOS Simulator Bildschirmfoto 30.05.2014 18.55.05
Detailed entries now include photo galleries.

The app also shows nearby hotspots under a new category and features many small improvements. It is currently only available for Apple. An Android version will follow as soon as possible. Enjoy exploring!