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local.ch creates more websites in Switzerland each month than any other company. More and more SMEs are choosing our worry-free package and are finding they simply can’t do without the website included in this solution. We asked SMEs to tell us how and why they are benefitting from a website created by local.ch.

You can read here what our client Claude Gaudin thinks about our product:

How did you find working with local.ch, from first contact to completing the website?

The working relationship was friendly from the start, and Mr Bonvin was very helpful when it came to making changes. I really appreciated having just one point of contact. It’s very convenient. 

Why did you go for a website created by local.ch, rather than an alternative option, such as creating a website yourself?

I’d already been in touch with local.ch to list my business. In the local.ch directory, my restaurant features in listings for 11 localities in the Haut-Lac area.

As for creating a website myself, I wouldn’t know how. In any case, I wanted to create something professional looking, rather than resort to a DIY job. I also wanted professional website maintenance.

How satisfied are you with the product?

The results have exceeded expectations. I’m very proud of it — everybody likes our professional image. Especially our friends, who work in the same industry.

What could be improved?

Nothing. I’m completely satisfied.

How did your customers react to your new web presence?

Customers like our new web presence but, above all, we’ve received very positive reactions from friends and acquaintances.

Have you won customers thanks to local.ch?

It’s still a bit early to tell whether we’ve won any new customers. We’re also expecting to receive new business cards to go with the website. But people love what we’ve done.



Here at local.ch and search.ch, we have a skilled team dedicated to web traffic statistics and SEO. We pride ourselves in being the best of the best and never missing a trick. Here’s what our Audience Manager and SEO specialist, has to say:

“Our content is unique on the web, which is why we’re ranked so highly. You’ll find us in the top 3 Google results. It’s not by chance and our customers know this.”

You can find more information about our products by clicking here.

Author: Fathima Ifthikar

Fathima Ifthikar is a Social Media and Online Specialist. While working at local.ch, she successfully completed her degree in Business Communication at the HWZ (University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration). She is very interested in other cultures and loves to travel. She's no stranger to the worlds of fashion and cuisine either.

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Published: 20. October 2015