Hack Day makes it work

Over the course of two days last week, our Konradstrasse office hosted Hack Day 2014.

Foto_Logo Hack Day1Hack Day at local.ch… just what exactly is that? Anonymous hacker villains who steal and sell local.ch data to evil telemarketing companies? Desperate competitors who try to copy the fabulous platforms from local.ch or even bring their them to a halt?


Desperate fans determined to find the new Miss Switzerland’s private telephone number, come hell or high water?

Nothing of the sort!

Hack Day at local.ch is when we hack ourselves by setting aside daily business and dedicate ourselves for two days to new, individual ideas and projects. Hack Day has a long tradition here at local.ch. Since variety is the spice of life, we decided to extend Hack Day 2014 into a two-day event. This means twice the time, ideas and fun. Our motto this year was “MAKE IT WORK – tell a real user story… with a happy ending!”

We started the first day by forming teams based on ideas that came from the participants themselves. As usual, we had an abundance of ideas. Ultimately developers, product and audience managers, and other employees decided on 14 of those concepts.

They took these ideas and ran with them, working until late at night, continuing early the next morning until the afternoon of the second day. The grande finale took place that night at the Swisscom building located on Förrlibuckstrasse. The projects were introduced to a fantastic audience and a tough jury comprising Edi B, Christoph J, Guido K, Thomas G and Robert F.

The teams introduced their projects and what they had achieved in 14 short, yet entertaining, witty and inspiring presentations. Topics ranged from a solution for “how do I find my lunch menu” to completely reinventing local.ch, from a new product (a type of local.ch customer stamp card) and even a banana piano (where you can play piano on real bananas using an attached computer to produce notes).

The jury had a tough decision to make regarding which project should be selected for immediate implementation. Spoiler: no, the banana piano didn’t win. They chose a project that should enhance the information on the local.ch platforms even more, making local.ch even more attractive and supporting our users in selecting a provider. But we don’t want to reveal too much. We’ll just mention that the project has already started and we’ll keep you informed.

Hack Day 2014 was a great success. It was a lot of fun and incredibly productive thanks to the active participants and, of course, Yannick Suter, who orchestrated Hack Day. Thank you everyone!

Watch the video to get an idea of what Hack Day was like:


Still not enough? You’ll find even more here:
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Hack Day 2014 has come to an end, and we’re already looking forward to the next one!


Author: Nadine Stutz

Nadine has worked for local.ch and also wrote for our blog during that time.

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Published: 11. October 2014