Get your culinary bearings with the app

The first ever FOOD ZURICH festival will be taking place between the 8th and the 18th of September 2016. As the “premium supporting partner”, is getting its app ready and offering users in the Zurich region the chance to benefit from all kinds of practical information.

Where are the tastiest street food snacks? And what’s the quickest way to get to the craft beer tastings with public transport? The answers to these questions and many more are all on the app. Since the first of September, the category FOOD ZURICH has been activated, which has useful information about the event.

You can get an overview of the festival and the diverse programme in the areas "About FOOD ZURICH" and "Events". Are you looking for a culinary highlight in your favourite part of the city? Under the menu “Event locations”, all participating establishments are shown on a map.

Or do want to try one of the 70 original cabbage dishes? Under “City speciality: book a table” you can reserve a table straight away in your preferred restaurant via the app.

And because you won’t get very far without any money, or if you need to use the bathroom, you will find the whereabouts of the nearest ATM or public toilets in other menus of the app. Thanks to the travel information you will also be able to make your way back home safely and comfortably. Enjoyment is that easy.

You will only see the “FOOD ZURICH” offer on the app if you are in the Zurich region from now until the end of the festival on 18 September.

Author: Florence Studer

Florence is a Communications Manager. Half French, she completed her Masters degree in Media and Communication Sciences in Freiburg, and then worked for five years as a consultant for an online advertising agency. In her free time, Florence loves learning new languages, going to concerts and salsa dancing.

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Published: 08. September 2016