iPhone app – now with favourites


The latest version of our iPhone app has arrived. Most important change: you can now save your preferred shops as favourites. The app has also become faster, more attractive and more stable with version 4.01.

Is there a restaurant you have always wanted to visit? Is there a particular shop that you want to point out to others? Say hello to the new favourite button in our app.

The button works quite simply:

  • Open the local.ch app
  • Search for an entry – for instance, a pizzeria in Basel
  • Highlight the entry with the small star at the top right. That’s it

Now you can find your favourites under the “Around” button. If you don’t know where to go for lunch, then why not check this list. It displays all your favourites and shows you, for instance, how far away the restaurant is.

And there’s more: you can see how often the restaurant, shop or bar has been added to people’s favourites. This give you an indication of how popular a location is.
We also have other innovations on top of that:

  • Address Book You have a friend’s mobile number, but now want to add the address and landline? Click on Contacts in the local.ch app and the app will do it for you. This function is now even more convenient and stable
  • Logos: if a shop has a logo, we display it directly in the results list. The map view also displays logos.
  • All symbols are now displayed in high-resolution retina quality (iPhone 4 & 4S).
  • Speed: despite the new functions, the app has become 37% faster (manually timed).
  • We have also added some nicer looking icons in the “near search” section

We hope you enjoy the new features. If you don’t have the app yet, download your free version now: download

(the guys on the screenshot are the developers of our mobile team, that have developed this app for you)


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